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In preparing your house for sale, take a step back and consider that this is no longer your home – rather, your investment for your future. Your home needs to have broad buyer appeal to your target market. Following these Tips for Successful Home Staging will help you sell your house sooner and possibly for more money than if you did not prepare it for selling!

Remember most people want to move into their new home without having to make costly updates to it.

Curb Appeal 

Stand back and view your home as if you were seeing it for the first time. This is the ‘first impression’ stage. Depending on the season, you may want to have pots of colourful and attractive flowers to greet buyers; a clean and inviting door mat; new and shiny door handles and/or knockers. Sweep the porch, deck and all walk ways and ensure garbage and recycling containers are tucked neatly away from the front of the house. Scrub your front door, porch, outside railings and steps.   


Start your pre-pack as soon as possible. You need to decide what you are going to keep, give away, sell, throw away or recycle. Many clients will rent storage lockers or have pods delivered so they can start to clear out what is not going to make the house look great!


Having your home spotlessly clean is really worth the effort in order to get top dollar. You can hire a professional service to come in and deep clean everything, then take 20-30 minutes each day to maintain it. Don't neglect hallways. They lead potential buyers through your home and should be bright and clutter free. Remember you're trying to maximize the feeling of space in your home!

Appliances should sparkle even if you're not including them with the house. After all, you might throw them in later as a negotiating tool. Counter tops, taps, sinks and bathtubs should be shiny and free of water spots.

If all this attention to detail seems over the top, remember that a very clean home leaves the impression that the house is well cared for. This helps put buyers at ease— especially a first time buyer who may be worried about the responsibilities of owning a house.

A Neutral Colour Scheme Is The Way To Go For Selling

Fresh paint will give you the greatest “bang for your buck.” Choose only 3 colours or less to paint your house for selling. If you have an open floor plan then paint the main floor all the same colour.

Highlight Your Home’s Best Architectural Features

Place your furniture in each room so that you have very obvious focal points that show off the home’s best selling features. For example, if you have a beautiful fireplace then place the furniture in a parallel grouping so that the eye is drawn to the fireplace.

Window Treatments That Sell Your Home 

The most popular on the market are the 2” faux woods in a white tone to go with your trim. Decorative side panels will do the trick if you need to add warmth and colour. 


Tile is great for entranceways, bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.  A good quality laminate or hardwood is perfect for living rooms and family rooms; bedrooms are attractive in a neutral carpet.


Watch Where The Eye Goes

There are speedy and low cost solutions to many of the little problems that together make a home seem shabbier than it needs to. Walk along each corridor and into every room and check where your eye is drawn (better yet, ask a critical friend or family member). If the eye is drawn to the chipped white paint on the door frame or old nail holes in the wall, you should seriously consider having such imperfections repaired and painted

Let In Some Light

It might be mood lighting to you, but if you're trying to sell your home, keep it bright! Dimly lit rooms tend to look small and dingy— especially during the day. If you have a particularly dark room, consider investing in a floor lamp that will bounce light off the ceiling.

Make the Kitchen Shine. This is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. Cluttered countertops make the kitchen look small and cramped, so it’s best to remove toasters, food processors, and other large items. Keep your kitchen table clean and clear, making it easier for you buyer to imagine actually eating at the table with family and friends.

Closet Space. As you are rearranging and picking up your home, don’t just throw everything in the closet. Closet space is important to almost every home buyer. If you have a ton of stuff in closets, consider temporarily storing them somewhere else, such as a storage unit or friends home

Tips For Home Staging